'Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga' Fixes Sequel Trilogy (By Going Full Gay)

Sometimes the merchandise has more soul than the art.
'Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga' Fixes Sequel Trilogy (By Going Full Gay)

It sounds like a lie worthy of the Sith, but there used to be a time when entertainment rocked – that's the very distant year of 2015. Shortly after we got Mad Max: Fury Road and Bloodborne, we got Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Ok, look, we know we've caught many flaws in the many decades that seem to have passed since its release, but that film gave a lot of people not just the hope that Star Wars would make a comeback, but also a new hope that Star Wars would go to newer, cooler places. That hope mostly sparked in the LGBTQ community, which finally saw the possible beginning of some representation with their portrayal of Finn and Poe, two very cool dudes who seemed totally into each other. Disney killed that just one sequel later, when they physically separated both characters, then threw the corpse of what could have been into a trash compactor by conjuring a girlfriend for one of them. That sucked, but there's now some hilarious solace to be found in how Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga had the guts to fix that dumb sh*t and give people what they want deserve.

Yeah, it took a goddamn kids' game to feature some simple but also ultra-important character moments of Poe and Finn hugging it out in a more than just bro-y manner. While we don't really see all that much, that's on the game's main menu, and it feels really earned, so it's actually light years ahead of that half-second kiss between two random characters at the end of The Rise Of Skywalker. 

Poe and Finn in the game

This begins to make things right not just for people looking for better representation, but also for the actors, who definitely wanted the FinnPoe ship to be a thing.

PS: Don't be fooled by cheat codes promoting to unlock more ships, those are about actual spaceships in the game.

Top Image: Disney


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