'Lego Star Wars' Players Are Brutalizing Children (Because The Game Rewards It)

Anakin Skywalker would have loved this game.
'Lego Star Wars' Players Are Brutalizing Children (Because The Game Rewards It)

We've recently learned that Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga has righted a wrong, but it has also unintentionally wronged a right – just like a true Jedi. The prequel trilogy has explained that Star Wars had actually been about “balance" the entire time, and the new game has just proved it right. Even though the new game properly represents the LGBTQ that both fans and even actors wanted, its code is now also siding with the Anakins of this galaxy as it is rewarding players for sabering infants.

Even though the balance gets kinda restored since one of the infants we get to hit is Anakin himself, this causes other problems. Like most other games, Lego Star Wars isn't keen on the idea of killing children, so they've made the NPC kids in the game unkillable. That's a great idea – in theory. In practice, it's only good when paired with making kids un-comboable. Yeah, players have found out that they can not only saber the hell out of kids but even use all the physical abuse to gain the high ground the power of flight that'll allow them to surpass many of the game's obstacles.



Spoilers: this is why the bad guys are looking for Baby Yoda Grogu

 Red Orb, streamer and possible Joseph Kony of video games, calls this strategy “child flight”.

Speedrunners thrive on the knowledge that no strategy is too dumb to beat a video game. Flexing on Poseidon by showing we don't even need water to swim in God Of War? Works. Beating Sonic by straight-up killing Sonic in Sonic ‘06? Works perfectly (and Sonic will probably thank us for taking him out of his misery). Even Star Wars games are no strangers to exploits, like using dance force powers emotes to become unkillable, but we sure as hell didn’t expect sabering down kids to be the best way to beat this game in particular.


Another weird thing is how these kids never showed up again after Anakin showed up to give them a quick saber lesson. Maybe he really wasn't Jedi master material.

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