5 Times Video Game Emotes Broke The Game

Nowadays, you have to contend with kids who'll destroy you not merely while dancing, but through dancing.
5 Times Video Game Emotes Broke The Game

Gone are the times when aimbotters and wallhackers were the only kinds of cheaters out to ruin your game. Nowadays, on top of having to deal with d-bags who'll shoot your genitals off through a wall from 10 miles away, you'll also have to contend with kids who'll destroy you not merely while dancing but because of it

In some strange games, social commands are so much mightier than the sword ...

On Fortnite, You Could Dab On The Corpses Of Those You've Killed (Also Via Dabbing)

We have no time to apologize for reminding you that "dabbing" was once a thing because we've just learned of a newer and even more dangerous form of the classic move that we need to warn our kids against. This is a "Deep Dab":

While the thought of a "deeper dab" might sound like the dumbest non-political thing anyone over the age of 12 has ever said, it's something you should actually fear. Unfortunately, players quickly noticed that this emote, made simply to mess with the egos of the defeated, also provided an extremely unfair advantage that turned it into a killer move

Fortnite deep dab


Doing this dance in real life will also result in someone getting killed. 

Instead of being just an even more obnoxious version of the most famous gesture of this century, the deep dab is a combination of dash and crouch that allows players to peek at enemies without getting noticed, then come out of cover to instantly blast them in the face.

Giving it even more of a Jake Paul vibe, this cursed thing was a paid emote, meaning that for the short while players could use it, Fortnite was a bonafide pay-to-win experience, regardless of whether Epic Games knew about it or not.

Bring Your Enemies To The Light Side In The Old Republic Through The Power Of Dance

While it didn't expand on the player base, the MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic expanded on the force powers of the original Knights Of The Old Republic in many ways, and none more relevant than in how you can use the power of the force to unleash the true power of the dance.

star wars old republic


Much like the best piece of Star Wars media, that Han Solo Kinect game

Maybe in a tribute to the KOTOR character capable of holding off an entire fleet simply through the sheer power of meditation, TOR allowed players to go even further -- via a dumbass emote. Players found out that using the dance emote, which, to be clear, is not a special force power canonical Jedi need to spend years learning, but something every class in the game has from the start, will stun any enemy. 

The dance emote came with a glitch that interrupted any command that enemies attempted to unleash upon you. Yes, any. Getting force choked? Dance your way out of it. Getting impaled? Dance as if the cantina band is playing a hot jizz tune in Mos Eisley for you. Getting shot by the Death Star? Dance and the Death Star will automatically shut down (maybe not, but that thing does have a lot of flaws).

Guardians of the Galaxy

Walt Disney Pictures

Sorry, there goes the one scene from Guardians you didn't think was inspired by Star Wars.

Why Walk When You Can Dance (And Walk)

Not all game-breaking glitches give you a clear combat advantage. Some just take your natural groove levels to such high levels that your opponents will be left feeling unfit to engage. When messing about in the firing range of Apex Legends, a few unnamed heroes found out how to perform dances without being rooted to the ground.

The best part about this exploit is that despite not giving their abusers any new cool way to murder unsuspecting opponents, it makes getting killed twice as hard because their opponents become Elmer Fudd trying to hit a bouncing, "WOO HOO!"-ing Daffy Duck.

Interestingly, this technique has been in use since as far back as during WWII -- or during Call Of Duty: WWII, at least. By then, they were more discrete and called it buttsurfing.

call of duty


If anyone calls you a "buttsurfer" in chat, they're just complimenting your technique. 

The Coin Flip In Destiny 2 Is Naturally Rigged

Some people are dumb but have enough awareness of their poor decision-making skills that they'll leave a coin-flip to decide whether they'll make one mistake or a different one.

Heads, you get Two-Face on your party; tails, you get that guy from No Country For Old Men.

It was probably when thinking of them that Destiny 2 introduced a coin flip emote. One that players could use to tip the scale on a party undecided on whether they'd repeat the same raid for the thousandth time or another one.

And it really did make things way easier -- all things, not just group-think. When combined with other emotes that involved holograms, performing the coin-flip emote during a raid would make your team completely invisible to all enemies in the area, turning every raid into little more than a confusing practice session. 

Destiny 2


It lets you play less Destiny 2, which is ultimately the goal of playing Destiny 2

The devs at Bungie were quick to disable the emote, tossing away the beautiful poetry of allowing players to control their own destiny through money in a game called Destiny that they'd paid for.

You Could Become An Actual Ghost Pirate In Sea Of Thieves

Sea of Thieves once featured a glitched emote that turned players invisible and somehow gave them the ability to fly. Normally, such a glitch would be enough to send many online game communities into disarray, but, luckily, for anyone playing, no pirate tale has ever suffered from the addition of ghost pirates.

Sea of thieves


If you ignore the thousands of soon-to-be-dead sailors

You could pull off this glitch by abusing an emote where your character jumps into a barrel. If performed normally, the character model will exit the barrel as he entered it. If performed pirately, your pirate is now either mostly or completely invisible for everyone. It's a glitch, sure, but a pretty cool one, and also one that unintentionally ends up sending across quite a nice message about misusing booze or something.

And, on an even more serious note, you could also at some point use an emote that somehow glitched your spyglass into becoming your new penis.

Sea of thieves


It's to ... uh ... see the invisible ghosts better. Yeah, that's it.

So, yeah, the Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise cowardly left a lot of amazing sequel options on the table.

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