This Digital Highlighter Will Make You Suck Less At Notes

This Digital Highlighter Will Make You Suck Less At Notes

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Admit it: When you were in college, you were a terrible note taker. You highlighted large portions of interesting text in your workbooks only to look up after and realize the entire page was now yellow. Today, you take notes the same way, jotting down every bit of information that sounds remotely important without putting it into any sort of context. You need to stop that, and this Scanmarker Air Digital Highlighter & Case Bundle will help you do it.

Rated four stars on Amazon over more than 3,000 reviews, Scanmarker Air lets you scan 3,000 characters per minute or a full line of text within a second. Just slide it across a line, and that text will instantly appear on your computer or smartphone screen, thanks to Smart OCR and Bluetooth technologies. Once it's there, you can create a report in Word, input important data in Excel, share it on Facebook, just stare at it for a while, or whatever else you wanna do with it. That's your business. It's the easiest way to digitize physical text to improve word recognition, vocabulary, phonological processing, fluency skills, reading comprehension, oral language skills, and much more.

Scanmarker Air's Smart OCR offers super-accurate translation for more than 50 languages, too, and can even read text back to you in real-time while scanning. It works with Mac and Windows desktop as well as Android and iOS devices and comes with a Scanmarker case that makes storing it safely easy.

Make your note taking smarter and more convenient than ever before with a digital highlighter that goes above and beyond competitors. For a limited time, you can get the Scanmarker Air Digital Highlighter & Case Bundle for 20% off $158 at just $126.

Prices are subject to change.

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