People Are Asking A.I. to Roast Them for Some Reason

Low-Self-Esteem Twitter tries to teach robots how to ridicule human beings
People Are Asking A.I. to Roast Them for Some Reason

Whoever is keeping a list of all the creatives whose careers could possibly be jeopardized by artificial intelligence, don’t add Jeff Ross to it just yet.

For millennia, the job of roasting, ridiculing and mocking humankind was solely the province of people. Flesh and blood beat out computer programs when it came to making fun of human beings, and none of us ever imagined that that would ever change. Then, within the last couple of years, the villainous tech giants who have devoted their lives to betraying their fellow man made their A.I. models available to the general public, and humankind’s greatest roasters — much like the graphic designers, video effects artists and clickbait-writers before them — saw that the A.I. job genocide could come for their professions, too.

Luckily, as many Twitter users who decided to experiment with self-roasting using the popular A.I. program Midjourney discovered, robotic intelligence isn’t anywhere near the point where it can compete with even the average YouTube comment section in terms of creatively hurting the feelings of human beings. Many curious and self-deprecating tech enthusiasts attempted to bait the A.I. into insulting their appearances, only to find that the Midjourney robot seriously needs to sharpen its tongue. 

In the end, the ultimate self-own is that these people even tried to get bullied by a bot.


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