'SNL' Kris Jenner Joke Hit Too Close To Home, Kanye and Kim Kardashian Reportedly Said

'SNL' Kris Jenner Joke Hit Too Close To Home, Kanye and Kim Kardashian Reportedly Said

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When Kim Kardashian West took the stage on Saturday Night Live last weekend, it seems the erm, many hyphenated reality star was not afraid to dunk on herself or her famous family, making fun of her sister Kourtney's famously lax attitude towards anything that, well, isn't her boyfriend Travis Barker, poking at mom, Kris Jenner's propensity to work harder than the devil himself, and even adding a crack or two about her ex-husband/former IRL Phantom of the Opera, Kanye West

“I married the best rapper of all time," she said in her opening monologue. “He’s also the richest black man in America who gave me four amazing children. So when I divorce him, that means it comes down to just one thing….personality.”

Yet according to one – very unverified and highly-disrupted – tabloid report, there may have been a proposed joke that seriously crossed the line. During her sketch “The People's Kourt," Kardashian West plays a (minorly) fictionalized version of the eldest Kardashian sister solving her family's most pressing issues: Her and her younger sibling, Khloe, double booking a makeup artist, Kris lamenting at daughter and purveyor of Pepsi world peace, Kendall Jenner, for not causing more drama, and West's not-so-flattering IRL tweeting about his in-laws. Yet in choosing the featured tweets in the latter segment, it seems there may have been some debate on what was appropriate for airwaves. 

“Originally the ‘People’s Kourt’ sketch had more aggressive tweets Kanye had posted,” the anonymous source told UK tabloid, The Sun. “The writers wanted to include some from last summer, like calling Kim and Kris white supremacists, but Kim shut that down. Kris and Kanye agreed.” 

Yet according to The New York Post, the source in question may gasps be incorrect, with another “production insider” dismissing the claims as false. “There was never even a discussion or proposal about there being any reference to any old Kris Jenner tweet in the sketch,” the mystery person told the tabloid. “He provided no input whatsoever in regards to any sketches or got in the way in the creative process of what ‘SNL’ and Kim wanted to do.”

As momager Jenner put it a decade and change ago …

Now, for those of you, who, unlike yours truly, do not keep up with the Kardashians – firstly congratulations, you are definitively a better person than I, but I'm sure you already knew that – secondly, the to provide some context, the aforementioned tweets date back to summer 2020, during West's chaotic run for the oval office. 

Amid his short-lived presidential campaign, the artist found himself publicly squabbling with not only his wife, but also his mother-in-law. At the peak of their conflict, West took to Twitter, posting an alleged screenshot of his text conversation with Jenner. 

“This is Ye,” read the first text. "You ready to talk now or are still avoiding my calls." 

When Jenner evidently failed to respond, respond, West sent a follow-up message. "This is Ye. You wanna talk? Or go to war?". He later shared her evident lack of reply to his upwards of 30 million followers alongside the following caption: "White supremacy at its highest no cap." He later deleted the post. 

However, this was not the only time West dubbed the Kar-Jenners white supremacists. After Kardashian-West took to social media to speak out on her husband's struggles with bipolar disorder, West fired back, stating that he did not give his permission for her to share the statement, even calling his mother in law “Kris Jong-Un,”

“Kriss and Kim put out a statement without my approval," he wrote in another since-deleted statement. "That’s not what a wife should do White supremacy.”

Although ultimately Kardashian filed for divorce earlier this year, it seems, according to The Sun's anonymous source, the joke may have hit a little too close to home – although let's face it, I would pay my entire life savings (which in all fairness, is probably worth about two pennies in Kardashian-land) to see Jenner cosplay as Kim Jong-Un.

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