Kanye West Goes Full 'Phantom of the Opera,' Moves Into Atlanta Stadium,

Phantom of the Oper-ye?
Kanye West Goes Full 'Phantom of the Opera,' Moves Into Atlanta Stadium,

Move over, Phantom from The Phantom of the Opera – it seems yet another mysterious masked figure has made himself a little too at home in a large-scale performance venue, lurking through the aisles, snoozing far beneath the seats, and confusing the hell out of its patrons  – none other than hip-hop icon and former presidential candidate, Kanye West. Nearly a week after the beloved rapper previewed his upcoming album, Donda, in front of a packed crowd at the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia, the musician evidently took a page from the Broadway villain's book (erm, score?) moving into the 2 million square foot arena and setting up a makeshift recording studio as he continues to work on the record, which was originally set to drop last Friday. 

First spotted wandering through a crowd of very confused Atlanta United soccer fans amid a match between the Georgia-based football club and the Columbus Crew last Saturday sporting the same what appears to be the same red puffer jacket and sheer face mask he wore during the listening party, an anonymous representative for the star later confirmed that the musician moved into the stadium to completed the album, which is now set to be released on August 6. 

While according to celebrity tabloid, TMZ, the crowd's energy during the listening party reportedly inspired West to move into the stadium, it seems his setup within the arena had a slightly different inspiration – every mediocre dude we dated in college. Featuring a bed, a clock, a water bottle, and a small closet inside of a windowless room, the billionaire artist's provisions are modest, evident through the photo he posted to Instagram earlier this week. 

So, folks, as life imitates art, let's hope West avoids the pitfalls of his theatrical counterpart -- after all, you can't drop albums and avant-garde shoes from prison. 

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