Japanese Amusement Park Opens To Give Remote Workers A "Workcation"

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Have you ever wished that your WFH set-up consistently rotated on a giant wheel, reaching heights up to approximately 201.44 feet in the air? Well, Japan's Yomiuriland amusement park has just the solution for you, an offer they're dubbing a "workcation" for remote employees who cannot stand another day of getting out of bed and walking approximately 10 feet to their home office. With workday passes starting at just 1,900 yen (the equivalent of approximately $18.02 USD), workers get admission to the park and access to several other attractions and amenities, making working remotely during a global pandemic feel ever so slightly less dystopian. 

Along with entry to the park, workers get access to a poolside work set up, complete with outlets and wifi, where they can choose between a normal chair and a pool chaise, as well as a one-hour or four-rotation pass to work on the theme park's Ferris wheel, where riders are given a portable wifi apparatus. Because you still have to make that 12 p.m. meeting that could have totally been an email, even when confined in a tiny box 0.0380682 miles in the air. 

Finally, sent that last 6:01 p.m. email? This package has still got you covered, featuring deals at the park's on-site golf club, providing workers with 20 free balls, and up to 3 clubs and a free towel ticket at the Oka no Yu bath facility near the park, so you can wash up after living your Tiger Woods fantasy -- with or without admitting that you too are a golfer. For additional fees, workers can also enjoy the park's other attractions, including a botanical garden, Go-Karts, and a roller coaster, where likely similarly other amusements around the country, guests are encouraged to wear masks and "scream in your heart," according to CNN. Weren't we all doing that already, like 24/7? I sure have been. 

Although, according to Insider, the deal is only open to Japanese residents, there is one thing I know for sure -- this American will someday write a short-form, social media-based article from the comfort of a 201.44 ft Ferris wheel. 

You can find Carly working from home (sadly, not from a Ferris wheel just yet) and on Instagram @HuntressThompson_ and on Twitter @TennesAnyone


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