Martin Short and Steve Martin Say That This Is the Secret to Their Relationship

A healthy 38-year friendship is built on a rock-solid foundation of respect, humor and rumors
Martin Short and Steve Martin Say That This Is the Secret to Their Relationship

Comedy’s oldest and best friends, Steve Martin and Martin Short, have stayed so close for nearly four decades based on three basic principles — respect each other deeply, make each other laugh often and talk massive amounts of shit about the rest of Hollywood.

When legendary director John Landis shot the 1986 comedy classic Three Amigos!, the silly film about a bunch of silent movie stars who get caught up in a real-life Western conflict south of the border launched a personal and professional relationship between the two leads who aren’t Chevy Chase that would change the landscape of comedy for the next 38 years. 

Today, many films, TV shows and comedy tours later, the pair remain close friends and co-stars, most notably in the ongoing hit mystery-comedy series Only Murders in the Building, for which Short and Martin are currently filming their fourth season. Rare is the working relationship that remains healthy and fruitful for this long in the comedy world, and, in a recent interview, the legendary duo divulged their secrets to keeping the comedic chemistry alive for so long.

In a joint interview with PEOPLE, Short said that he and Martin made a “conscientious effort” to continue their relationship past Three Amigos!, and the two agreed that a large part of the work they’ve put into remaining close has been comprised of sharing gossip, rumors and whispers about the rest of the entertainment world.

“Steve and my friendship is tied around a concept of ongoing laughter — and respect for each other and love for each other — but laughter,” Short predictably explained of his bond with the legendary funnyman with whom he’s shared the screen and stage for so long. Short said that, though he and Martin don’t necessarily speak to each other on a daily basis, when they do converse, they make sure to share openly, “especially with gossip,” Martin added.

“Always gossip,” Short concurred.

Whom the two comedy superstars could be trash-talking is anyone’s guess, but, considering how many hundreds of A-listers with whom the two have rubbed elbows over the years, one can only imagine that the Martin/Short sewing circle is more salacious than anything TMZ puts out. If they can’t give up their juiciest gossip, perhaps Martin and Short could divulge the inside scoop on how they keep booking big-budget shows and specials well into their 70s — their old pal Chase could use a few pointers.


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