A Brief History of Chevy Chase Physically Attacking People

It’s happened more times than you’d think
A Brief History of Chevy Chase Physically Attacking People

Chevy Chase is almost as well-known for his comedy career as he is for his constantly being a huge dick to people career. But while Chase typically lands in hot water due to his ill-chosen, frequently terrible words, he has also been involved in several physical altercations over the years. And not all of them involved Lederhosen. 

The most legendary is Chase’s 1978 skirmish with Bill Murray, which occurred backstage at Saturday Night Live after Murray made a crack about Chase’s wife, and Chase responded with a putdown about Murray’s moon-like face. Egged on by John Belushi, the two went at it — in front of poor Billy Joel no less

Chase later told Howard Stern that he had some experience with boxing and was game to brawl. “I had no problem with fights. I was ready to level him,” he claimed. (Murray referred to it as merely a “Hollywood fight” in which hits to the face were strictly off-limits). 

Less well known, and way more unexpected, was the time he slapped Rob Huebel. The Childrens Hospital actor met Chase at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade, following an ASSSSCAT improv show. Incidentally, regular UCB performer Peter Grosz called Chase “one of the worst monologists” they ever had, because “he just got up there and didn’t tell the truth about anything. He didn’t speak from his heart.”

Chase was Huebel’s “comedy idol” growing up, so, bashful and starstruck, he approached Chase and introduced himself, only to be slapped square in the face. It wasn’t a light, playful slap, either, it was so hard that Huebel “saw red.” Huebel later explained that Chase “was trying to be funny… but it wasn’t funny to me.” 

Huebel’s story was backed up by Paul Scheer, who personally witnessed Chase randomly smack his Human Giant co-star. If that wasn’t enough, Scheer also claims that his mom once ran into Chase in a liquor store, and it too went sideways fast. “Oh my god, Chevy Chase, I am such a fan of yours,” she said. Chevy’s response? “Fuck you, lady.” 

At least she didn’t get slapped, I guess.

Then, in 2018, Chase was involved in a road-rage incident in which a driver alleged that Chase took a swing at him after shouting “I am going to ruin your lives!” at his passengers. Chase denied this, claiming that he was physically incapable of throwing a punch after injuring his shoulder while walking a puppy. Which might be true, but it’s hard to shake the idea that Chase is a reckless, angry driver, probably because most of us see that exact scenario play out every year at Christmastime.

Next, Chase repeatedly tried to fight Joel McHale while filming Community. McHale inadvertently dislocated Chase’s shoulder as a result.

On the positive side, Chase did once dump popcorn all over Donald Trump. 

So there’s that.

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