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If Schools Told The Truth

School's right around the corner, goddammit, which means another year of lies, overpriced textbooks and underpaid teachers. While you're sitting in class reading Cracked and pretending to be taking notes on your laptop, why not take a look at what school would be like if books, teachers and administrators were honest?


by Greg Welsh


by Greg Welsh


by Agent Spiff


by ThatNewGuy


by GundamPanda


by Matt Gallagher


by dizzle


by pwntastic


by Jeff Kelly


by lokimotive


by Megajeff


by linuxexorcist


by Gorillazbmx6


by FlipC


by zhengman777


by KingHank


by Gryndyl


by Alexander L. Hoffman


by dagur


by GundamPanda

And the winner is ...

Congrats, wavedout. You win money.

by wavedout

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