15 GIFs of Muppets Exploding

15 GIFs of Muppets Exploding

Whenever Jim Henson didn’t know how to conclude a sketch with his Muppets, he usually relied on one of two tried-and-true finishes: A Muppet would eat another Muppet, or a muppet would explode. 

From unnamed background Muppets to supporting characters like Beaker to headliners like Gonzo, no Muppet was too big not to explode every once in a while. Here then are 15 GIFs showing all manner of Muppets exploding…


Mahna Mahna

Bunsen Honeydew

Whatnot Dancing Muppets

Swedish Chef

Balloon-Head Conductor


Luncheon Counter Monster


Whatnot Soldiers

Cookie Monster (Prototype)

Miss Piggy, Julius Strangepork and Link Hogthrob

Fozzie Bear

More Dancing Whatnots

Crazy Harry

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