School's right around the corner, goddammit, which means another year of lies, overpriced textbooks and underpaid teachers. While you're sitting in class reading Cracked and pretending to be taking notes on your laptop, why not take a look at what school would be like if books, teachers and administrators were honest?

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Next week's contest is Lessons in Science (According to Hollywood).

Let's face it, Hollywood blockbusters aren't exactly realistic when it comes to portraying the laws of physics or any other science. So photoshop for us some diagrams/charts/graphs/text book lessons etc that teach science the way it works in the world of big budget Hollywood films. Head over to the forums and go nuts! The winner gets $50.

Want to see the entries that didn't make it? Go here. Or, find out how various movie problems could have been solved in about five minutes.

Or, for images to strange to make up, check out our Daily Craption Contest.

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