Boobs on Things That Don't Normally Have Boobs

This is not our fault.

We offered our fans a simple contest. An exercise of their artistic ability. We wanted it to be a Christmas present to them, and to you. That they would produce dozens of images that will haunt your nightmares is something we could not have anticipated nor controlled.

We offered $50 to someone who could use Photoshop to portray, "something with boobs, that does not usually have boobs." Yes, we regret it, and apologize for having no choice but to inflict them upon you. They start out okay, but about half way through the list you will begin your descent into madness.

NSF fucking W.


by Dr. Strange


by Agent Spiff


by MalachiConstant


by MalachiConstant


by SpaceJase


by Dr.Macaroni


by Dan Saunders


by jcore


by McBeefy


by Jrizzok


by SpaceJase


by Meggito

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