The First Time You Use The Nintendo 3DS [COMICS]

With the announcement of the Nintendo 3DS--the biggest piece of gaming news in several years--we knew that only a web comic could properly capture the internet's reaction, since most gaming commentary is delivered in that format. Rather than make one, we started with a bare-bones teamplate drawn by Ben Driscoll of Daisy Owl fame, and let the Cracked hive mind loose to modify it as they pleased.

Seems innocent enough, right?

We offered $50 to the best entry. The results range from funny, uplifting, to the kind of deeply unsettling horror that will make you want to move to an isolated cabin in the woods.


by Eugene Sprunkle


by BRWombat


by Nathan Birch


by iantendo


by Charlie


by Jim Avery


by GundamPanda


by qcfx2a


by justinfrost


by AgentCoop


by SSB_Intern


by GundamPanda


by Charlie


by mac173

And the winner is ...

Congrats, Charlie. You win money.

by Charlie

Want in on this?

Yeah, those gadgets look cool when they're used in some cartoon or sci-fi blockbuster, but wouldn't be so much fun in the hands of the dumbasses who inhabit reality. Show us all the ways fictional technology could go wrong in the real world, the best Photoshop gets $50.

And head over to Daisy Owl to see what Ben's comics look like when he's handling the writing.

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