Silence. Cold, dead silence. It is the worst thing to have happen at a party, on a date, on a date with your parents, on a date with your date's parents, and anything else date-related. 

Finding something to break that silence can be stressful. You don't want to talk too much about yourself because they'll think you're being egotistical. Plus, you know, you already have so many stories. You'll run out of them quickly because after a time, you cannot be that interesting. Unless you're Nicolas Cage or like a party clown for politicians' kid's parties. But you're neither of those.

You don't want to ask too much of the other people either. They also only have so many stories. They also might be boring. And what's worse is that they'll think they're more interesting than you are because they had something to talk about and you didn't.

Don't let them win. Here is some trivia to save you (socially).

The '70s TV show The Six Million Dollar Man accidentally discovered a corpse. THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN When a camera crew came to an amusement park and tried to move a hanging man prop, the arm came off - the prop was a real body. CRACKED.COM


In 2000, Microsoft had to buy the domain from some rando. Microsoft Microsoft Windows 2000 Microsoft (R) Windows Versione 5.0 (Build 2195: Service Pack 4) Copyright (C) 1981-1999 Microsoft Corp. Не was called Bob, and Microsoft luckily owned, so he got that domain plus unspecified other considerations from Microsoft. CRACKED.COM


There are fully functioning oil wells hidden throughout Los Angeles. For example, one structure that looks like a windowless office building in the Mid-Wilshire neighborhood actually contains 52 oil and gas wells. CRACKED.COM


In 2019, a porn company submitted a $10 million bid to name an NBA stadium. DE MAI PART CHAMPION NS! 05 i 06 CHAMPIONS MICCOSUKER - - - OPPENSIVE STATS BangBros tried to get a Miami stadium named the BangBros Center or, uh, BBC. They even created a website just for that bid. CRACKED.COM


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