13 Bits Of Trivia For Slow Conversations

If James Bond couldn’t actually be a secret agent, what’s left to trust in this world?
13 Bits Of Trivia For Slow Conversations

Silence. Cold, dead silence. It is the worst thing to have happen at a party, on a date, on a date with your parents, on a date with your date's parents, and anything else date-related. 

Finding something to break that silence can be stressful. You don't want to talk too much about yourself because they'll think you're being egotistical. Plus, you know, you already have so many stories. You'll run out of them quickly because after a time, you cannot be that interesting. Unless you're Nicolas Cage or like a party clown for politicians' kid's parties. But you're neither of those.

You don't want to ask too much of the other people either. They also only have so many stories. They also might be boring. And what's worse is that they'll think they're more interesting than you are because they had something to talk about and you didn't.

Don't let them win. Here is some trivia to save you (socially).

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