The 5 Most Insane Celebrity Comic Book Cameos

#3. John Walsh meets The Outsiders (2004)

In Outsiders #17 through #19, America's Most Wanted host John Walsh teamed up with Teen Titans spin-off squad, the Outsiders.

The premise of superheroes coordinating with the media had promise, assuming that at no point would John Walsh, say, whip out a jetpack.

Where it goes wrong ...
First off, who the hell were the Outsiders?

They were a C-List superteam made up of twentysomething hard-bodies who bickered often, swore freely and enjoyed indiscriminate sex:

Note that "the Pequod" is their superhero battle-jet, which apparently had a lot of suspicious stains on the seats. So they acted less like the Justice League and more like the cast of The Real World. This similarity probably had to do with the fact that the series was penned by Judd Winick, a.k.a. Judd from The Real World: San Francisco, a.k.a. the season the housemates kicked Puck off the show.

Naturally, readers bought Outsiders for all the cussing, fighting and fucking. For a while, all was good with our band of brassy super-hedonists. That is, until John Walsh showed up.

Walsh appeared in a three-issue story arc entitled "Most Wanted," in which the Outsiders took a break from fighting the Joker and Lex Luthor to battle a child prostitution racket. It doesn't take a fanboy to realize which of these villains is not like the other.

It's unfair to blame Walsh for the mediocrity of "Most Wanted"--the trouble was Walsh and the Outsiders couldn't have been a more mismatched pair. Given the plot's grimness, the comic's devil-may-care tenor changed rapidly, what with everyone having to tip-toe around the whole child rape thing.

And to make things worse ...
To get an idea of how intense Outsiders suddenly became, here's John Walsh on the case:


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