16 Real Stories That Sound Like Horror Movies

Many people argue that watching horror movies is basically overkill since real life could just as well be called Hell’s Soup Kitchen. They’re (partly) right since reality does in fact shape and form our horror content. Just look at the following stories, because every one of them could easily be turned into a pants-wetting movie.

For instance:


he two Dutch friends who went missing on a hike in Panama, and the creepy pictures on their phone. Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon went hiking in 2014Source: MysteriesRunsolved


The Airbnb rental with hidden cameras in it.

Sounding a lot like the plot of The Rental sans all the murder, an Airbnb in Longboat Key, Florida, was Source: Huffington Post


The scariest shark story ever.

In 1982, a group of five friends were sailing a yacht from Maryland to Florida when they capsized during a storm. For Source: The Cut


The school bus kidnapping where the kids were almost buried alive.

In 1976, a bus driver and school kids were overcome by three men, taken to a quarrSource: CNN


The skiers who mysteriously died on Dead Mountain.

A group of skiers were hiking in the Ural Mountains of Russia when a blizzard hit. They camped outSource: The Atlantic


The people who unknowingly slept on top of a corpse in a motel.

For almost two months, guests complained about a foul odor in a room of a motel beforSource: WREG


The family who was plagued by garden ceramics.

A family in Southern California thought it was a prank when a bunch of ceramics appeared in their gardSources: NBC news, 6 True Stories That Prove Local News Is Creepy As Hell


The Japanese woman who lived in the closet.
A man in Japan probably thought his house was haunted when food started disappearing from his fridge. He Source: NBC news


Apparently there’s a haunted Frozen Elsa doll.A family in Houston who purchased a singing Elsa doll claims the thing to be haunted. it speaks on itsSource: Click2Houston


The people who were being watched.A family fled their home after being tormented by someone who called themselves the “Watcher.” The stalker wrote aSources: Washington Post, 5 True Stories That Put Every Horror Movie To Shame


The twins who were always trying to kill each other.

Also called the Silent Twins, June and Jennifer Gibbons never spoke actual words to anyone excepSources: Metro, Real Life Stories Of Twins Creepier Than Any Horror Movie


A ghost hunter stabbed himself in the Axe Murder House.The famous Villisca Axe Murder house in Iowa is thought to be haunted by the family murdered tSource: Vice


The babysitter who disappeared.

In 1954, a Wisconsin teenager named Evelyn Hartley was babysitting a little girl, but when she failed to call her parSource: The Charley Project


The North London exorcism gone wrong.

Kennedy Ife (26) lost his mind one day when he started biting his dad and threatened to cut off his penis. His Source: BBC


The Pennsylvania house with dead animals in the walls.

The Bretzius family discovered animal carcasses and half-used spice hidden inside the drywallsSources: WNEP, Washington Times, 5 True Stories That Put Horror Movies To Shame


The man who phoned his family, even though he was already dead.

In 2008, a Metrolink train crashed in the northern San Fernando Valley, killing 25 peSource: SCPR