Many people argue that watching horror movies is basically overkill since real life could just as well be called Hell’s Soup Kitchen. They’re (partly) right since reality does in fact shape and form our horror content. Just look at the following stories, because every one of them could easily be turned into a pants-wetting movie.

For instance:

The scariest shark story ever.

In 1982, a group of five friends were sailing a yacht from Maryland to Florida when they capsized during a storm. For
Source: The Cut

The school bus kidnapping where the kids were almost buried alive.

In 1976, a bus driver and school kids were overcome by three men, taken to a quarr
Source: CNN

The people who unknowingly slept on top of a corpse in a motel.

For almost two months, guests complained about a foul odor in a room of a motel befor
Source: WREG

A ghost hunter stabbed himself in the Axe Murder House.The famous Villisca Axe Murder house in Iowa is thought to be haunted by the family murdered t
Source: Vice

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