25 Sneaky Ways Insiders Talk Behind Your Back

Guess what: Professionals are sick of your bullshit. It had to happen someday. Turns out, different sectors have their own jargon to talk shit about you after you left -- or sometimes even in front of you.

"But I didn't give them any bullshit!" you might say. Well, they also talk in code to prevent any potential bullshit. Generally speaking, the less you understand what they're saying, the better it suits them. But no more! With this dictionary we have prepared for you, you can learn their language so next time you can... well, just smile and do nothing, but because you choose to.

Entry by PookieJones

Uncle Bob is what photographers call that guy who gets in their way at weddings with his own camera. CRACKEDc

Entry by OlPiley

pumpkin Sometimes doctors call a patient positive meaning that if a light were shone into their mouth, their head would light up like a jack-o'-lanter


A medical emergency aboard a cruise ship will be called Operation Bright Star. If someone dies, it's Operation Rising Star. CRACKEDcO COM

Entry by Chris Bucholz

Inspector Sands is a code phrase used in the London Underground to announce emergencies without causing a panic. ICRACKEDcO COM

Entry by Jose Canyusi

Doctors call the SFU 50 dose to the amount of sedative or medication that will cause the average patient to shut the f*ck up. CRACKEDcO COM

Entry by mkad

Wall Street execs dismissively call their clients muppets because, well, Wall Street. CRACKEDCON

Entry by tmsteele2000

CRACKEDC COM Medical professionals call bikes donorcycles as motorcycle fatalities make prime-quality organ donors - young, healthy people with mostly

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

CRACKED COM If a cop refers to you as an Adam Henry you really pissed them off. That means asshole. (A.H.)

COMT If you are a big fuss about your situation, your status doctor might diagnose you as dramaticus (Not to your face, of course.)

Entry by tmsteele2000

CRACKED COM Some people call ambulances all the time, even for non- emergency situations. 0S ANBULANOE EMS responders call these frequent flyers.

Entry by gicusudoru

When you're being an annoying patient, nurses might talk of giving pillow you therapy that is, holding a pillow over your face until you can whine no

Entry by WhiteCells

CRAGKED FTD is a condition in patients who keep on living longer than expected. It means Failure To Die.

Entry by Chris Bucholz

CRACKED COM If a hospital's PA system pages Dr. Firestone it means there's a fire and the building should be evacuated.

CRACKEDo COM When doctors are feeling cheeky, they might say that a patient who can't cope with their situation has dyscopia.

Entry by JasonGaston

In tech support, some issues are called ID-ten-T an error if they happen because the user is an ID1OT. CRACKED

Entry by gicusudoru

CRACKED COM1 In the United Kingdom, a morgue is sometimes called a rose cottage to talk about it without upsetting patients.

Entry by ironical

In police slang, a pumpkin patch is a cell holding new prisoners, all in their orange suits. CRACKEDco COM

Entry by BRWombat

If you do something stupid while driving, police might refer to you as DWHUA. It's like DUI, but this stands for Driving With Head Up Ass. CRACKED C

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

In the police and the military, a blue falcon is a different kind of B.F. a buddy F**ker, someone who can't be relied on. CRACKED COM

Entry by asinger

CRACKED COM prize In radio, a pig is someone who listens in only to enter contests and win prizes.

Entry by PookieJones

If your doctor writes TEETH it's not about how amazing your pearly whites are. It's an acronym for Tried Everything Else, Try Homeopathy. So yeah, yo

CRACKEDCON COM Your doctors will never tell you that you have a lhorrendoma but they might call your condition that among themselves if it's particula

Entry by ironical

GRACKED COM Q-Tips is what police call elderly, white-haired people on the highway, especially in Florida.

Entry by Chris Bucholz

'Check out Bob you might hear at a grocery store. They're not leering at some dude- Bob is bottom of basket, as sometimes customers forget to pay

Entry by ironical

The police is chasing you. One of their dogs bites you. Now they'll call you a Scooby snack.