Guess what: Professionals are sick of BS. It had to happen someday. You think the NBA is the number one land of trash talk? Maybe. Turns out, different professional sectors all around us also have their own jargon to talk trash about you after you split -- or sometimes even in front of you

Like that time when a waiter thought you couldn't speak Spanish but you could and understood every word he exchanged with a co-worker about your date, even above the blasting mariachi music. 

"But I didn't give them any reason to talk trash about me!" you might say. Well, they also talk in code to prevent any potential BS. Generally speaking, the less you understand what they're saying, the better it suits them. But no more! With this dictionary we have prepared for you, you can learn their language so next time you can... well, just smile and do nothing, but because you choose to.

Entry by ironical

The police is chasing you. One of their dogs bites you. Now they'll call you a Scooby snack.
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