47 Stats That Make Us Feel Weird About How The World Works

47 Stats That Make Us Feel Weird About How The World Works

Statistics are weird, right? They're like math and graphs that broadly tell us how the world works and what people are doing… Is that an accurate description? I've fallen asleep in nearly any class that even vaguely touched upon the subject. Okay, I just did some Googling, and an apparently better description is that statistics are a collection of data that are then analyzed in a way that allows conclusions to be drawn from them. Was I really that far off?

 While these numbers frequently seem liked cold hard evidence of facts, they're just as prone to manipulation and storytelling as nearly anything else in the world-- On this last we have a series of examples that might shake your understanding of the world, but also plenty that have been used and presented in a number of misleading ways. 

Below you'll find a grab bag of everything from incarceration rates to hippo attacks, and they may change how you think the world works. 

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