22 Stats That Are Misleading B.S. (But Technically Correct)

If you've never trusted numbers, you're about to feel really smug.
22 Stats That Are Misleading B.S. (But Technically Correct)

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It's a myth to say that numbers don't lie. Absolutely true statistics, taken out of context, can absolutely lead people to draw an incorrect conclusion. Following are examples of well-known "facts" that are based on actual data, that are still somehow being used in a false and misleading way.

The famous elephant graph is deployed by professional optimists to demonstrate that global prosperity is lifting up the very Poor as well as the ver
The sentence doing/eating/ drinking--_V will increase the chance of cancer/heart attack/dying by--_% often doesn't tell the whole story because it d
By taking a study out of context, an article in The Washington Post came to the questionable conclusion that women should get married to avoid domesti
Fox News used the fact that food stamp fraud cost the government $70 million to argue that it may be time to stop the program. V/Fox insider LATEST TR
CRACKEDCON Everytown, a non-profit group to prevent gun violence, tweeted that the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High was the 18th school shooting in 2018.
NON This graph by The Business Insiderimplies that people shouldn't go to college because it's a bad investment. The diminishing financial return of h
Many UK news sites attempted to paint a bleak image of Father's Day in 2019, stating that one in five fathers have not seen their children on Father's
Nestle Hot Cocoa Mix has '99.9% caffeine-free' on its packaging. Chocolate Nestie FLAVOR Made Real Nestlecocoa with Fat 99.9% Low Caffeine-free NET WT
HONOT An often repeated statistic: a child is seven times more likely to die in the care of a nanny than in a daycare center. Although it's technicall
CRACKEDCON In 2009, Bill Gates' net worth was over $50 billion, more than the GDP of Costa Rica. Net worth is defined as the wealth accumulated by a
There's no reason to worry about falling birth rates. True, the U.S. fertility rate is only 1.73 children per woman, an all-time low. But researchers
Shoppedfor a bra? Then you might have come across this stat- 80 PERCENT OF women WEAR THE WRONG SIZE BRA. The numbers are based on a 1998 study by a p
CRACKEDc COM In April 2016, over one million people pledged to boycott Target after Target restated their policy of allowing transgender people to use
Trump's administration claimed the immigrant naturalization rate in 2018 was the highest in five years. : At 756,800 naturalizations, it was indeed th
No, journalists aren't being killed in record numbers. It's true that 63 professional journalists were killed in 2018 but, from 2009 to 2018, 70.2 pro
In 2018, Nike's shares had a two percent drop after the launch of its campaign, which featured the controversial American footballer Colin Kaepernick.
National polls show Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is extremely unpopular. They actually only show she's extremely unpopular with Republicans. In March, a
The jobs situation isn't as great as you'd think. Sure, the unemployment rate is very low (3.7% in June 2019), but that doesn't take into account peop
If you keep hearing about cancer rates rising over the years, don't be too alarmed. IT'S MOSTLY BECAUSE ...AND CANCER RISK WE LIVE LONGER NOW... INCRE
You've probably heard that the U.S. incarcerates large numbers of people. For example, in 2019, 2, 282,800 people are locked up. But over 540,000 of t
This graph from The Weekly Standard implies a significant increase in the number of people receiving welfare. Over 100 Million People In U.S. Now Rece
52% of women voted for Donald Trump. WOMEN OMEN FOR FOR UMP TRUMP 202 WOMEN dWnd O FOR TRUMP NWO OTTICAS This is an achievement Trump likes to bring u
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