24 Unsettling Stats That'll Shake Your Foundations

Statistics can be misleading, but not this time.
24 Unsettling Stats That'll Shake Your Foundations

"Statistics can be misleading." It's an important phrase to keep in mind when reading opinionated news stories, or to repeat like a mantra when attempting to maintain your sanity in the face of the truly terrifying data.

Here are some absolutely not-misleading statistics that will make you want to hide under your bed for a little while. We'll wait here.

About HALF of airline pilots admit to falling asleep during flight. ONE THIRD report waking up to find the other pilot asleep as well. CRACKED COM
Hippos kill 3, 000 OPLE every year. Sharks kill fewer than six. Where are all the Hipponado movies? CRACKEDCON COM
CRACKEDCON The budget for the Curiosity rover is about the same amount the U.S. military spends in a little over 30 HOURS.
CRACKEDCOR Over 80% of sexually active adults will catch an STD at some point. Most will never know, as many STDs show no symptoms.
CRACKEDO COM According to British surveys, over 25% of children stop doing things they love, and almost 50% hide a talent, out of fear of being bullie
Since 1989, 365 convicted prisoners have been exonerated by DNA evidence. 28% had confessed. 20 were on death row. CRACKED.COM
The U.S. military budget for 2019 is about $700 BILLION. Meanwhile, the budget for the National Cancer Institute was $30.6 BILLION for the whole 2012-
CRACKEDC Americans waste over 141TRILLION LTRILLION calories' worth of food every year. That's ,249 calories for each person every day, according to t
25 At least MILLION PEOPLE live as slaves around the world. That's more than the entire number shipped from Africa during the entire history of the tr
Prescription painkiller overdoses MORE cause DEATHS than cocaine and heroin. According to the CDC, 17,029 people overdosed from prescription opioids i
Almost 15% of women say they'd rather be blind than fat. A survey by Arizona State University found stigma around' 'obesity is So pervasive that many
CRACKED COM In 2013, Walmart turned a profit of $17.2 BILLION. That same year, Walmart employees got $2.66 BILLION in government assistance due to low
These are the racial demographics of the United States: White Latino Black Other And these are the racial demographics of death row inmates: MMMMMMI D
COM We dump THREE POUNDS OF GARBAGE into the ocean for EVERY POUND OF FISH we catch.
The average person spends FIVE YEARS OF THEIR LIFE waiting in line. CRACKED.COM
The cast of Glee has had 207 SONGS on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. That's three times as many as the Beatles. CRACKEDCOMT
5 Adam Sandler movies have grossed OVER $5 BILLION worldwide.
A full 70% OF GUNS seized by police in Mexico can be traced back to the United States. CRACKEDC
CRACKED.GOM A survey of 6, 000 people found that 1 IN 3 MEN don't wash their hands after using the bathroom (compared with 1 in 10 women). So if you s
CRACKEDGOM Over A DOZEN ISPECIES go extinct every day. Up to 50% of all species could be near extinction by 2050.
Over 12% of homeless adults in the U.S. are war veterans. CRACKED.COM
In late 2008 and early 2009, 1in5 BOOKS SOLD was written by Stephenie Meyer.
CRAGKEDCOM Workers in the U.S. are legally entitled to exactly O DAYS of paid leave per year. That's about infinity less than pretty much every other
CRACKED COM You're more likely to die FALLING OUT OF BED than in a plane crash. Both likelihoods are very slim: 1 in 2 million for the bed against 1 i
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