36 Not-So Famous Facts About Very Famous People

36 Not-So Famous Facts About Very Famous People

We tend to know a lot of things about celebrities-- That's kind of part of the whole thing, right? We have these weird, sometimes encyclopedic knowledge of people's lives and work because we're fans of what they do on television or on the radio, or whatever future device people use to consume content made by other people. While it may feel like we know somewhere between cocktail party trivia to an unauthorized biography's worth of things about our favorite celebrities, there's a good chance there are still a bunch of things that we don't know. We're hoping that we've snuck a few onto this list! 

There are all sorts of wild stories about Nicholas Cage on the internet, but do you know which exotic pet he credits helping him act? Or that an actor who is famous for airheaded himbos is actually a pretty accomplished academic? And that's not even getting into the large amount of celebrities who could definitely defeat you in combat if they have the right weapon. 

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