Celebrities! They're just like us! Except when they're not. However, they may be different from us for different reasons than you think. Sure, they're famous actors, writers, musicians, sports stars, and general personalities, however many of them have special attributes and accomplishments that still set them apart from most people aside from the skills they are most famous for.

Celebrities get a ton of attention and adulation, we're not here to dispute that. In fact, they probably get too much attention and love from the masses. The thing is, sometimes there's an objectively interesting or amazing thing about a famous person that gets completely missed. Like how the gruff guy from Dirty Jobs is a trained opera singer. Or that dude from The Offspring being molecular biologist. Or that classic film actress that pretty much invented WiFi.

We did a little digging and found some super interesting, lesser-known facts about these folks and other well-known people.

Entry by EmceeN

The Pitch Perfect actress attended law school in her native Australia, which allows her to negotiate her own movie deals. REBEL WILSON is a qualified

Entry by AM Smiley

CRACKED co COM MAYIM BIALIK is a neuroscientist. Just like her character in The Big Bang Theory, Bialik has a doctorate on the mushy goo inside your s

Entry by Marcos0822

We learned in Thelma & Louise that she can fire a gun, but did you know that she can also shoot an arrow, and tried out for the U.S. Olympic team? GEE
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