13 Surprising Celebrity Facts

Here, have some wholesome celebrity facts.
13 Surprising Celebrity Facts

Celebrities: they're just like us but richer and with less privacy. Read below for 13 celebrity facts to impress your friends with.

CREED BRATTON WAS IN A WELL-KNOWN FOLK BAND IN THE LATE 1960S. The Grass Roots had several Top 10 hits during Bratton's tenure. He was a vocalist and
LL COOL J BROKE THE NOSE, JAW, AND RIBS OF SOMEONE WHO TRIED TO ROB HIS HOUSE. The rapper and actor physically detained the home invader until police
Source: CNN
G2 ELVIS WAS A NATURAL BLONDE. He dyed his hair darker since high school. One time he dyed it himself using black shoe polish. CRACKED.COM
Source: HMV
MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. WAS A BIG STAR TREK FAN. He encouraged Nichelle Nichols, who played Lieutenant Uhura, to stay on the show when she was consider
Source: NPR
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