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The globe is full of fascinating, amusing, and exciting information and how could it not be? There’s around two hundred nations, nearly 8 billion people–not to mention all the other living beings on this loveable ol’ spinning rock. Did you know, for example, the biggest concentration of pet parents in the world can be found in New Zealand? One of the only two purple flags in the world can be found in Nicaragua. Do you want to learn more about the planet and its ever-growing population? Continue reading to discover some fascinating facts about the history of the Earth, current and future.

Ok fine, one more for you crypto freaks: Bitcoin mining, according to scientists, might have a significant impact on global temperatures. More on that, as well as 29 other fascinating facts about pop culture, wildlife, science, and more, can be found here if you just keep scrolling!

John Krasinski asked to wear a wig for part of Season 3 of The Office. At the meeting where he pitched the idea, execs told him no, because it would be too obvious - - so Krasinski took off the wig he was wearing and put it on the table. They changed their minds. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED.COM


Chris Evans' arms are so big, they led to problems with the VFX in Captain America. They needed to make his arms slim for the pre-serum scenes where Steve is scrawny, but they were so big that they'd block a lot of his body and the background. Replacing the stuff they were blocking was by far the hardest part of the VFX team's job. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED.COM


30 Cool Now-You-Know Facts About The World


A Camden, NJ school forced students to eat off the floor after a child spilled water, in 2008. Seven students sued, and they won a $500,000 settlement. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED.COM

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In the Middle Ages, you could truly fart for a living if that's what you wanted. There were farters at royal courts, and it was basically a recognized, uh, entertainment specialty that could potentially pay pretty well. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED.COM


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