31 Demands Celebrities Made Behind The Curtain

31 Demands Celebrities Made Behind The Curtain

Big stars aren't really ever cheap to book and we're not just talking about the money. Famous performers frequently utilize their celebrity to make outlandish demands, providing us an insight into the lives of people who believe that showing up and working merits a reward.

This collection of the most lavish celebrity on-set requirements has always been about the most spoiled celebrities and their most outrageous backstage and event expectations. Wishlist? Ridiculous requests? Perhaps "totally irrational well-known demands" is a better description.

Are buses worth a million dollars? Weird dietary requirements? Do you have any specific candy color requests? What about the toilet seats? They've all shown up. There are a lot of performers, entertainers, and divas on this ranking.

It turns out that a large sum of money isn't the only thing you'll need if you want specific celebrities to participate in your event. Famous people frequently make additional odd demands that you must meet before they come to visit you. Demands such as:

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