13 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' Trivia Tidbits

13 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' Trivia Tidbits

Before becoming the longest running cult classic film of all time,  The Rocky Horror Picture Show was a play staged at Royal Court Theatre in London. Princess Diana and Elvis both went to see the popular musical production. It's amazing to see this (at the time) cinematic flop turn into one of the most celebrated comedy musicals and an LGBTQ+ milestone in film. Even the film's composer is shocked at the movie's popularity.

While the movie's initial box office struggle and prolonged comeback has long been told since our parents first did “The Time Warp" again, not many people know the struggles and decisions made behind the scenes of Rocky Horror. Susan Sarandon and Meatloaf got sick and injured during filming. Even one of the main performers quit acting after the film's release!

Before you go to the next midnight double feature, take a peek and learn some additional behind-the-scenes Rocky Horror trivia.


BEHIND-THE-SCENESFACTS Meat Loaf was in a wheelchair for the motorcyle scenes 610028 A stunt double rode the motorcyle, but for close-up shots, they put Meat Loaf in a wheelchair since it was a less dangerous option... .however, he still got injured. His stand-in tried to catch him and broke his leg.

Source: VH-1

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