16 Celebs You May Be Surprised To Learn Are Already Slingin' Cannabis

If you've got tendonitis, Brett Favre's got a CBD oil for that. If you feel like huffin' "the smell of SNL,” Jim Belushi's got ya covered. And if you want to experience the sensation of plucking crystaline Icelandic berries straight from the frost-covered vine, you know Sigur Rós has the gummy for you.


Dennis Hopper CRACKED CON Before he pasSEd away in 2010, Hopper told his daughter, Marin, that he wanted his own strain. Once it became legal, she started up Hopper Reserve. Dennis liked to roll his own joints, so Hopper Reserve sells DIY joint kits with exactly 2 matches each.

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Whoopi Goldberg The venture only lasted a year before internal conflicts caused it to shutter, but Whoopi had a line of non-smokable products for women called Whoopi and Maya. Basically, if Goop were powered by chemistry and empiricism instead of butterfly kisses and influencer culture.

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Brett Favre CRACKED.COM The Gunslinger says he was sO messed up on opioids that, at one point, I was taking 15 Vicodins a night. He discovered cannabis after he retired, saying that, while he's not a science guy, his CBD is perfect for tendonitis in your right elbow.

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Kristen Bell n BEspl ree happy dance CRACKED Her foray into CBD is exactly what you'd expect from someone who melts down over sloths: it's a line of bath bombs and body butters called Happy Dance.

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Jim Belushi Belushi bought 83 acres of land in Oregon the minute they legalized weed in 2014. Belushi's Farm cultivates three signature brands: The Blues Brothers, Belushi's Secret Stash, and Captain Jack's, aka the smell of SNL.

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Magic Johnson In 2020, Magic lent his image (and a whole bunch of money) to Uncle Bud's Hemp and CBD. But he stipulated that it's 'very important to him that inobody's getting high while using our products, sO there's no THC.

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Francis Ford Coppola Nicolas Cage's uncle wants to sell you weed. In 2018, he expanded his wine business into the weed market with three separate strains, saying expertise making one applies to the other. He even delivers it in little wine bottles, and launched it exclusively in wine country.

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Rob Gronkowski CRACKEDC Gronk announced in 2019 that he's free from chronic pain for the first time in a decade thanks to CBD (which was long banned by the NFL). Incidentally, he also announced a partnership with CBD Medic at the same time.

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Sigur Ros CRACKEDcO For a while, they had a partnership with CBD company Lord Jones, offering gummies wistfully inspired by the flavors of foraged Icelandic berries. Those seem to be out of commission, but they now offer two different tinctures of non-THC CBD through their own website: 'Sleep and Wake.

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Wilfred Wilfred Wilfred Wilfred Cammabis Pre-rolls Camabis Pre-rolls Cannabis Pre-rolls Sata llrid CRACKED.COM Jason Gann, creator and star of Wilfred, has slapped his own dogface onto several strains of prerolled weed for sale around California.

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Rachel & Megan Rapinoe ERY lerformances thers, Megan n the record better and Megan, who won the 2019 World Cup, is the brand ambassador for Rachel's cannabis company, Mendi. They cater to athletes, offering creams, bath salts, and other exercise-y stuff, with and without THC, that focus on CBD

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Carlos Santana op to o itual lation ECRACKEDCO Santana calls himself a ame-keeper for the spiritual re evolution, saying he was inspired to create his own strain because my mother would make salves of cannabis... maybe that's why I think of cannabis as a medicine more than a drug.

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Montel Williams MONTEL MONTEL M> EXTACI BAPSLES E ETMACT 2242 CAPSWES MONTE AX EB #88845 CRACKEDCO After he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2000, he dedicated his life to finding an alternative to wrecking his body with opioids. The fruits of his labor are Montel Hemp Extract Capsules, which

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Jaleel White AY AM DS. RDS STH White is leaning into his past life as Steve Urkel. His brand, ItsPurpl, sells strains including Purple Urkle and 'Stefan. He created tsPurpl because there was no clear brand leader for fire purple weed...SO why not me?

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Martha Stewart R M Fhirrmr MOTHER'S DAYI CRACKEDCO In early 2019, Martha joined Canadian weed company Canopy Growth as an adviser, whatever that means. The company went through 2 CEOS in the next year, SO... maybe that? She does have several branded bundles on the site, including the Martha Stewart

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Mike Tyson In 2019, lron Mike opened up a 07-acre cannabis resort' 13 acres short of an extremely satisfying plot of land.

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