16 Celebs You May Be Surprised To Learn Are Already Slingin' Cannabis

Nic Cage's uncle wants to sell you weed.
16 Celebs You May Be Surprised To Learn Are Already Slingin' Cannabis

Everywhere you look it seems like cannabis is all the rage. It’s an ancient drug that has seen a modern resurgence. We’ve written about surprising ways cannabis has taken the world by storm. We’ve covered the surprising increase in potency of modern strains of marijuana. We’ve talked about the innovative and surprising ways people are using marijuana to infuse other items. The thing is, cannabis has a long and bizarre history–we’ve written about that too.

It’s no surprise then that rich and famous are jumping on the cannabis bandwagon to, well, get even more rich, famous (and maybe a little high). 

If you've got tendonitis, Brett Favre's got a CBD oil for that. If you feel like huffin' "the smell of SNL,” Jim Belushi's got ya covered. And if you want to experience the sensation of plucking crystaline Icelandic berries straight from the frost-covered vine, you know Sigur Rós has the gummy for you.

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Rob Gronkowski CRACKEDC Gronk announced in 2019 that he's free from chronic pain for the first time in a decade thanks to CBD (which was long banned by the NFL). Incidentally, he also announced a partnership with CBD Medic at the same time.

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