14 Animals That Are Secretly Evil Geniuses

We like to think we run the planet, with our higher intelligence and penchant for being pretty innovative at warfare. But a hard glance at the animal kingdom gives us pause, because those little shits are sneaky in ways that make us a little nervous.

For example ...


Assassin Bugs CRACKEDo This crafty insect plucks on a web so the spider thinks a small insect has landed. When the spider comes close enough, the assassin strikes.

Source: The Atlantic


Boxer Crabs CRACKED COM The boxer crab holds a sea anemone in each of its claws and uses them as stinging boxing gloves. Lose one? it tears the other into two parts, which regenerates into a new pair.

Source: NPR


The Margay Cat CRACKED COM This cat from Brazil's rain forest mimics the sound of a baby pied tamarin in distress. once other pied tamarins come to investigate, the margay swiftly attacks.

Source: National Geographic


Moths CRACKED .COM Some moths emit a siren-like noise that jams bats' echolocation. Some also mimic bats, which freeze females in fear, SO males can mate with them.

Source: Smithsonian


Alligator Snapping Turtle CRACKEDCOR The alligator snapping turtle engages in a tactic known as lingual luring. It wiggles its worm-like tongue as a lure, attracting gullible fish right between its jaws.

Source: Savannah River Ecology Laboratory


Crows CRACKEDo COM Crows remember individual humans and hold grudges. Weirder, they teach their young to attack the specific human who wronged the parent.

Source: NY Times


Caterpillars Some caterpillars disguise themselves as a bird poop to seem less appetizing. Birds are less likely to snap up ones that are curled like poop rather than straight like a living bug.

Source: National Geographic


Sperm Whales ERCKAAAV CRACKED cO Sperm whales in Alaska steal from fishing trawlers. They sit and wait near the boats and then use their massive jaws to snap fish off the trawler's hooks.

Source: BBC


Peacocks CRACKED COM Male peacocks sometimes make fake sex noises to attract more hens. By pretending to be sexually active, the male seems like a more attractive mate.

Source: The American Naturalist


Sharks CRACKED COM Sharks track the position of the sun and hunt with the sun behind them. This helps them conceal their approach and keeps the glare from obstructing their vision.

Source: The American Naturalist


Black Herons CRACKEDcO A black heron expands its wings to block sunlight entering the water. The shadow tricks fish into thinking night and safety have arrived. The bird picks them out one by one.

Source: Audubon


Squirrels CRACKED If a squirrel knows it's being watched, it digs a dummy hole and pretends to spit the food it's carrying, then covers it up. Then it runs away to privately bury the food for real.

Source: Animal Behaviour


Killer Whales CRACKED CO Killer whales will swim in unison toward a slab of ice where seals have taken refuge. The movement creates a huge wave that knocks the victims off balance and into the water.

Source: Nature


Pacific Striped Octopus CRACKED COM This octopus reaches out and taps its prey's far shoulder. The startled prey flees in the opposite direction- right into the octopus's mouth.

Source: PLOS ONE