16 Random Facts to Satisfy Your Craving for Knowledge Without Leaving Home

You want to learn stuff. That's understandable. But you can't always go out to sate your brain's cravings, like some sort of reverse zombie. Well, grieve no more -- Cracked's delivery service is here, bringing the knowledge straight to you. Please enjoy our fine selection of random facts for you to gorge yourself. Bon appetit.


King Edward I refused Scotland's surrender to fire his trebuchet. In 1306, Edward Longshanks ordered the building of a huge- ass trebuchet, in order to break the defenses of Stirling Castle and end the Scottish rebellion. The Scots tried to surrender when they saw this medieval Death Star - -but Eddie

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Tom Holland learned on social media that he was Spider-Man After a grueling seven months of auditioning, Holland finally learned that he landed the part - not through a call from his agent, but while scrolling on Marvel's Instagram account, just like any random person. Only later did the studio reach

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Being a hardcore fan can be bad for your esteem. There's nothing wrong about being a fan of something, and it can be for you in moderation. If fandom becomes too large a part of your identity, your sense of self-worth will take a hit when your heroes release

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For a hot second, the Flash was called Flush Man in Argentina. #l In the '90s, Argentinian publisher Perfil scored the rights to print DC's comics - except that, as there was a magazine titled Flash, they called the hero Flush Man, accidentally making him poop-related. Everyone hated the stupid name

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30 Rock's gay bomb was real. It isn't just some absurdist joke - it really happened. In 1994, the U.S. Air Force commissioned a laboratory to experiment with pheromones and aphrodisiacs as a weapon, to cause homosexual behavior among the enemy. Unsurprisingly, the project never got funded.

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The Crips began as a neighborhood watch. According to Stanley Tookie Williams, he started recruiting other boys to form a watch against the street gangs that troubled South Central LOs Angeles. Eventually, Tookie's group gained strength and became the Crips, one of the largest gangs in the world themselves. Oops.

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