The Karate Kid franchise is surprisingly expansive. There's the original movie, its two sequels, a spin-off starring Hilary Swank as a young Karate star who gets paralyzed during a match (though we may be remembering that wrong), and of course, the Saturday morning cartoon series that features straight-up magic and a surprising number of loincloths.

Now there's Cobra Kai, the hit streaming show all about the existential angst of the characters from the classic '80s film that arguably ruined the modern world. The new season just hit Netflix, who acquired the series from YouTube Red, the defunct streaming service that apparently wasn't selling porn. This means that a lot of folks will probably be wanting to revisit the original film -- which, admittedly, may have worn thin after multiple viewings over more than three decades. So we found a whole new way for you to enjoy The Karate Kid ...

It seems that before filming began, director John Avildsen shot a rehearsal version of the entire film using a camcorder. Some scenes were set on an empty soundstage, others actually on-location and in costume. Avildsen posted the entire thing on YouTube, and it's kind of awesome, like a janky fan remake that inexplicably stars the original cast or some kind Karate Kid-themed video art project.

It also contains some deleted scenes that explain some of the movie's confusing plot-holes, such as why Daniel's mother relocated her entire family to the other side of the country for a new job that is, somewhat inexplicably, just the hostess of some crappy Chinese restaurant.

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Top Image: Columbia Pictures

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