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If Famous Photographs Were Off By a Second

A photograph can go down in history for capturing the spirit of an entire people or era in one split second. But they can be misleading for the same reason. You can't help but wonder how different some iconic images would look if the photographer had clicked the button a few seconds too early, or too late.


5 Ridiculous Secrets Only Two Living People Know: Part 2

Here are five more things you will never learn in your lifetime -- unless you happen to be one of the only two people on the planet who already know them.


Turning a Scammer Into a Hero: An Email Exchange

It's not enough for me to ignore these scammers completely, they have developed layered and elaborate characters and then squandered them on duplicity. As a writer, I cannot abide by that. I want to offer these fictitious people a chance to redeem themselves, a chance to trade in their pretend riches for real riches of the heart. What follows is an


The 5 Biggest Disasters in the History of Marketing Ideas

Sometimes companies screw up so badly that you wonder if they, like us, are just making it all up as they go along. How else do you explain these things?


One Step Solutions to Fixing the Economy

It seems like every economic solution you hear about these days requires hundreds of different initiatives, each one with more moving parts than a Transformer. We asked you to come up with simpler ideas that could fix it in one fell swoop.


The 8 Most Baffling Food Mascots of All-Time

If you're ever diagnosed with crippling insanity, you can always get a job designing corporate mascots.


The 5 Most Depraved Sex Scenes from Important Cultural Myths

If you've spent time studying history at all, you probably already know that depraved sex acts are to religion as rock star groupies from the '70s are to depraved sex acts. In other words, they go hand in hand. Or hand in some other body part, depending on who we're talking about.


4 More Things You Love to Discuss that No One Cares About

Oh my god, you guys I totally saw a ghost!


6 Hilarious Ways Al-Qaeda Is Going Corporate

The capture of Osama bin Laden revealed more than just the unmitigated badassery of Navy Seals. It also exposed how little we knew about the jihad lifestyle. Apparently, his little club had gone corporate


The 6 Most Epic One Man Armies in the History of War

Here's a handful of men who absolutely refused to go gently, instead opting to erupt violence like a hate volcano onto everything around them.