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5 Shockingly Outdated Problems Gay People Still Face Today

Things are still incredibly backwards, even in the most progressive parts of the world. That's because a lot of the really weird problems gay people still face in their day-to-day lives never get talked about.


5 Hardcore Realities of My Time as a Mormon Missionary

My whole life was preparing me for my mission. At the age of 19, I finally went. This is what I learned.


5 Movies That Don't Get Enough Credit for Being Tearjerkers

Here are five of the best movies for making a mess of me by using less obvious emotional triggers.


9 Unintentionally Terrifying Old-Timey Children's Toys

When kids in the old days weren't too busy catching the black lung, they had to go home and play with these friggin' nightmares.


4 Things That Would Make Meeting New People Less Awkward

I propose that we make some slight alterations to the information we toss out when we meet new people. Giving out these bits of information will clear the air early on in a friendship to cut down the learning curve inherent in getting to know someone.


5 Bizarre Factors That Secretly Make Criminals Target You

Crime is everywhere, and all of us are just victims waiting to happen. Especially you. Yes, you: You've just got a face that formally requests punching.


5 Bizarre Ways Politics Influences Your Personal Life

As much as we try not to, we take our political views with us wherever we go, and they affect how we live our lives, often in weirder, more frighteningly specific ways than anyone realizes


6 Horrors of Being an Atheist in a Fundamentalist Country

Cracked sat down with Jo to hear about life in the shadow of religious extremism and to find out what it's like to have a dude straight up shoot you in the street. Here's what we learned.


5 Real Criminals Betrayed by Their Own Big Mouths

As difficult as it can sometimes be to catch a criminal, it's even harder to get a conviction. Unless, of course, your suspect publicly broadcasts their crime.


5 Stupid Questions You Won't Believe Scientists Answered

One of the best things about Science is that it answers questions we never realized needed answering. In fact, Science gets so overeager sometimes that it starts answering questions that really shouldn't have been asked in the first place.


4 TV Shows You Loved That Were a Nightmare Behind the Scenes

I discovered that the same shows that brought me so much joy when I was a kid have brought nothing but pain and misery to the people making them.


6 Tales of Amazing Survivors (Who Were Babies)

There are babies out there who have survived dangerous situations that would have likely killed a grown man, sometimes because their smallness actually protected them, and sometimes because we're pretty sure they're just indestructible.


6 Tiny Computer Glitches That Caused Huge Disasters (Part 2)

The line between 'computerized utopia of the future' and 'utter chaos' is just a line of computer code.


4 Rags-to-Riches Success Stories That Are Full of Crap

Some lies are so insanely prevalent that they've become difficult to recognize. These, for example.


5 Horrifying Places Real People Got Trapped and Forgotten

If you weren't claustrophobic already, this article might do it for you.