19 Brain Hacks That Can Make You Better At Everyday Life

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19 Brain Hacks That Can Make You Better At Everyday Life

Lifehacks -- who doesn't love them? We jump all over anything that will give us a shortcut to achieving our goals because, hey, most of us were raised on CliffsNotes and Wikipedia summaries.

So for our fellow shortcutters out there, here's more ways to win at life without giving 100 percent.

CRACKED Have a goal that you're hell-bent on achieving? Keep it a secret! A study shows that people who shared their goals with others trick themselve
Just had great idea you can't remember the second a you start walking? Try going back to where you had the idea on the first place! The psychological
Research has shown that easy-to-read fonts are usually skimmed over, making information hard to retain. Therefore, switch all your notes to a more cha
19 Brain Hacks That Can Make You Better At Everyday Life
You can boost your memory by taking a 20-minute walb before an exam! DR Charles Hillman from University of Illinois has demonstrated that not only doe
Convince yourself that you had a good night's sleep, and you will behave just libe you really had one, although you hardly slept last night. In a stud
19 Brain Hacks That Can Make You Better At Everyday Life
You see them wake up like this in movies and shows follow suit. Energize yourself and happily attack the day by stretching your body as rnuch as possi
STRESS ISN'T HARMFUL; BUT BELIEVING THAT IT IS, MAKES IT SO. WAIT, WHAT? What we call 'stress' is actually a natural response our body makes to prepar
Is your brain bored? Give it a boost through 'neurobics; mental exercises consisting of doing daily activities in a slightly different way. Even small
Have problems membering people's names? Link their names to an image or object that you are familiar with! For example, associate 'George' with 'Georg
If you ever feel stressed or anxious, just put your thumb in your mouth and blow without letting any air out. This technique will stimulate the vagus
CRIOE CONTINUE A STORY TO REMEMBER ANY LIST Beetlejuice has hair as yellow as BANANAS . His teeth wouldn't be SO bad if he used more TOOTHPASTE . His
Need to make a difficult decision? Think more rationally and objectively in the dark Scientists claim turning down the lights reduce emotional intensi
Feel like time is moving too fast? Try doing something new to slow down time! When we experience something unfamiliar, our brains process more informa
You can increase your reading speed by about 300% with these techniques: applauded wtole vige ouniry ides cconomy He looked to He must cure blithely m
READING ALOUD helps you remember what you read up to 25% better. X m H g Reading something out loud will significantly help your ability to remember i
Beer and coffee can team up to help you work! Beer relaxes your mind, and reduces worry, which will make you more creative On the other hand, coffee w

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