20 Completely Impossible Coincidences (That Really Happened)

20 Completely Impossible Coincidences (That Really Happened)

A lot of things in life are improbable: Being hit by two separate foul balls in the same baseball game, surviving two atomic blasts on the same day, having the same exact life as a fictional character, successfully navigating an asteroid field without being smashed to pieces.

Oh wait, no -- none of those things are improbable at all. And, after reading the following stories, we think there's really something to all those super-excited self-help gurus that are always claiming nothing's impossible.

Entry by Daikataro

Radivoke Lajic a 50 year old Bosnian has had his property hit by meteorites not once, not twice. but siX friggin times. Al 6 objeets have been confirm

Entry by Randallw

On March 3, 2016, a crowd congregated to watch the inaugural round of golf at the new Tiger Woods designed course The Playgrounds at the Bluejack Na

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