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The 4 Hardest Things Done By Great Minds So You Can Be Lazy

Whenever you find yourself lounging around with nothing to do for so many consecutive hours that the fear of bed sores and atrophied legs starts to seep in, take a second to thank these four visionaries in the field of the lethargic arts.


4 Fake Buildings You Didn't Know Hide Stuff From You

It turns out that throughout the modern world there are a bunch of reasons why people have felt the need to disguise the nature and intent of their building.


The 7 Most F***ed Up Real 'Choose Your Own Adventure' Books

We remember the books as quick, fun, simple reads ... but much like ALF and Fun Dip, revisiting them as an adult leads to some bizarre and unsettling discoveries.


5 Respected Nations That Straight Rob People Who Live There

There are plenty of cases of the government just outright stealing from people, and it's almost always those who can afford it the least.


5 Bizarre Mashups that Shouldn't Work This Well

Mashups are all the rage online these days. And some of them are doing the unthinkable: Making awful music great.


6 Things I Did as a Cop in a Shockingly Corrupt Small Town

We talked to an ex-deputy from the Scott County Sheriff's Department in northern Tennessee. Here are some hilarious things we learned about down-home crime fighting.


5 Painful Things Everyone Needs to Realize About Themselves

If you don't learn the following basics before adulthood, people are going to burn your house down.


5 Popular Parenting Fads That Make Sense (And Screw Kids Up)

We do have data on some of the most popular child-rearing techniques, and we have got to say -- it doesn't look great


5 Upcoming Movie Plots That Sound Suspiciously Familiar

These seem original at first ... until you dig a little deeper.


5 Horrifying Things Nobody Tells You About Cosmetic Surgery

While most people think of cosmetic surgery as frivolous, vain, or only for folks who want to slowly transform into cats, there are all kinds of practical reasons to let a surgeon do some mild body editing.


5 'Sucker' Behaviors That Secretly Give You an Advantage

Science can tell you the physics of how light behaves around the event horizon of a black hole, but it doesn't tell you how not to be a total dickhead. Or at least, it didn't used to.


5 Horrifying Things That Happen When You Go Missing

When you disappear for a couple of days and actually make it back, you return with a much better understanding of how the world really responds to a missing persons case.


5 Insane Beliefs of the World's Major Religions

Just like everyone's family, pretty much every religion has at least one bit of crazy they never bring up or talk about in public.


6 Things You Learn When Your Penis / Vagina Doesn't Work

We talked to two people -- Chloe and Carl -- who suffered from rare genital disorders. Each had a ridiculous and frightening tale of trying to get help in a society that would really have preferred they change the subject.


8 Stupid Kitchen Hacks (Tested for Usefulness)

Whoever thought of these kitchen hacks deserves a kitchen hack to their frontal lobe.