There seem to be several reasons for our basic misunderstanding of nutrition and diet, not the least of which is that nutrition is a massively complicated and pretty recent discipline. It was only in the 1970s that it became a significant topic of investigation in most nations but has long remained ignored in medicine.

Food may be a contentious topic these days, with everyone holding an opinion on just what you may and may not consume. People may have different motivations for eating or abstaining from particular foods, and they will frequently fall prey to food misconceptions that have been passed down the generations, much like old wives' tales.

You'd think we'd figured out what to eat, since we all do it multiple times a day. However, it turns out that the vast majority of what we think we know about food is incorrect. As a result, we asked our readers to dish up a heaping helping of food myth debunking.

Get your hands dirty!

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21 Debunked Food Myths

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That red puddle under your steak isn't blood. CRAG Beef carcasses are drained of blood before they are butchered and processed. The red liquid on your
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