25 Ways The World Has Gotten Creepier

You know what’s relaxing? Taking a moment to realize how creepy literally everything is.
25 Ways The World Has Gotten Creepier

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Look, we get it. The modern world isn't deliberately creepy. It's just we're surrounded with stuff that we are pretty sure is watching us as we sleep. Reading everything we type. Watching. Listening. Judging.

So in order to distract ourselves, we asked our readers if they ever felt the same way. Here's what they came up with.

It's extremely creepy when my predictive keyboard suggests the perfect next word, when I don't even know myself exactly what I'm trying to say. WO PMV
CRAC can't stand the tension of being at a red light in an otherwise empty intersection at night. There's no logical reason for me to be stopped, so I
25 Ways The World Has Gotten Creepier
Getting a call from an unknown or blocked number freaks me out. y Verieo 30 93A42 AM (214) 555-0101 mobilo tE slide answer My mind jumps to the most i
CRACKEDCON I can't go to sleep until I unplug everything, otherwise I will be having nightmares of everything going wrong and the house catching fire
25 Ways The World Has Gotten Creepier
EVERY KIND OF AUTOMATIC DOOR CREEPS ME OUT. I think the door will intentionally smash me in pieces when I least expect it.
It creeps me out when I'm alone in an elevator. I know that I'm the only person inside, CRACKED COM but I get the feeling that something's behind me.
H had to Stop wearing this shirt. Every time H went to the fridge and Saw it reflected out of the corner of my eye, it gave me the CReeps.
Whenever my screen goes black while uploading, I always imagine something else in the reflection behind me.
Using the ATM is like playing Russian Roulette. Will today be the day it swallows my card? CRACKEDCON
It creeps me out when I see a friend who's passed away pop up on my Facebook timeline. CRAGh Becca is with Katie Yesterday at 2:55am Miss you sO much.
CRACKEDOON know are you always I where going. where and 11:43 you're 860m 350m 577
I know that getting friend requests from strangers and bots is just part of Facebook. E really do. (12054) General Account C https//www.facebookcom/se
Being on an escalator fills me with anxiety. What if it breaks while I'm standing on it? I'll end up getting swallowed, Final Destination style.
25 Ways The World Has Gotten Creepier
Causual DNA testing really freaks me out. DNA Test AL I can think about is the movie GATTACA, and the fact that people will have your most personal in
X Hello! Thanks for browsing our site. Can we help you find something? CLICK HERE TO CHAT NOW Those pop-ups are unsettling. Are you watching me shop?
Self driving cars. Someday one of those will go on a rampage, O know it. CRACKEDCON
25 Ways The World Has Gotten Creepier
25 Ways The World Has Gotten Creepier
When O find a weird selfie on my phone that I don't remember taking... ... always wonder:. What if don't remember because wasn't the one who took it?
I feel extremely uneasy when a stranger points their camera at me. The prospect of finding out that I've somehow become a meme the next day fills me w
25 Ways The World Has Gotten Creepier
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