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Ever been at a loss for words? Not because you've been stunned speechless, but literally because there are no words in our language to describe how you're feeling?

We've got your back. These amazing words from other languages will fill in all the gaps in your vocabulary.

gbavning /blog BAV-ning/ -Commree RO T Swedish for blog quake. When a social media topic is suddenly all over major news outlets, there you have a b

dabdabhada lap-DAp-ah-da/ In Korean, dabdabhada is a suffocating frustration, like the type you feel when you haven't heard from someone. CRACKED COM

verguenza ajena /ver-GWEN-za-ah-hay-na/ Sometimes people act in such a way that you feel embarrassed on their behalf. Ever felt this? In Spanish this

fylleangst /FOO-La-ANGST/ Norwegian for drunk anxiety. Fylleangst did is that feeling of p*ck, what I do last night? that comes with the hangover.

bricoleur /BRICK-ah-lure/ 239567890 70004 to9 A bricoleur, in French, is someone who improvises and creates with whatever is at hand, regardless of wh

inneren Schweinehund /inner-en- SVIEN- hund/ That voice in your head keeping you from getting stuff done? Germans call it inneren Schweinehund: Inner

CRACKEDCOR COM livslogga /livs-LoGG-ya/ - According to the Swedes, if you continuously take pics to document your life, that's livslogga, or life log

shenmei pilao /shim-MAY-pee-lou/ If you see SO much beauty that you don't appreciate it anymore, the Chinese will call you shenmei pilao - -that is,

CRACKED.COM razljubit /raz-lyu-BEET/ Did you razljubit with me? Da, Sergei, I did. We should see other people. In Russian, razljubit (pa3ro6nTb) i

/SEN-pie/ senpai If you watch anime (or have been on the internet at all), you know that senpai will never notice you. In Japan, a senpai is a senior

CRaCKED.com shikata ga nai /SHKATA-ga-nai/ Why worry about stuff you can do nothing about? Shikata ga nai, the Japanese call this approach to life. It

Torschlusspanik /TORSCH-lusS-panic/ German for gate-shut panic. feel you're running Do you certain out of time to achieve goals? That's Torschlusspa

attitydinkontinens /at-tee-TOOD-een-CON-tin-nenz/ Can't keep your opinions to yourself? Then you have what the Swedish call attitydinkontinens, litera
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