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20 Types of People That Should Come With Warning Labels

Warning labels are everywhere except where we need them the most: on other people.


All You Need to Know About Why Everything Will Be OK

Everything is going to be OK. I promise. Don't freak out. I wouldn't lie to you. Trust me.


The 6 Most Counterproductive Things You Learn in College

College can define your future. You may learn useful skills to become a respected expert, or you may learn how to do the bare minimum you've been explicitly ordered to while being stunned at how much money you're spending.


4 Minor Flaws That Will Make Me Boycott a Store for Life

It turns out that having an abundance of options in life could make us depressed. So what's a person to do to avoid this soul-crushing depression?


32 Things Awful People Secretly Suspect About the World

We all wonder about the real jerky people in our lives. They have to have something malfunctioning in their brains, right? Like, they just don't see the world like we do?


24 Inevitable Advertisements For When All Drugs Are Legal

Now that pot is being legalized everywhere, no doubt more illicit substances will soon follow. And these newly-legal hardcore drugs will need advertisements.


How Internet Ads Could Possibly Be Worse

We all hate Internet ads. And for that reason we asked our readers to show us a special kind of hell.


The 25 Worst Possible Text Messages To Wake Up To

What happens when the first thing you read in the morning is the last text message you'd ever want to get?


If Men Had to Put Up With the Same Crap as Women

Despite what you may read in certain Reddit forums, there is an unfortunate difference in how pop culture portrays men and women.


5 Ways You're Sabotaging Your Own Life (Without Knowing It)

When people ask you what your long-term goals are, will your answer hold true 10 years down the line?


6 Tips for Not Being an Asshole to Your Pregnant Friends

There are thousands of guides for the newly pregnant, but most guides for people whose friends have been infested with a growing organism just tell them to run and open the airlock.


2 Cracked Shirts for Superman Fans

It takes a special kind of person/alien/reptile to save us all in weird ways, and this week's new shirts celebrate them in all their off-putting glory.


18 Ridiculously Sexist Modern Ad Campaigns

Sexism in old-timey ads is almost pretty much guaranteed. Unfortunately, some of that vintage mentality has decided to stick around in today's advertising world.


16 Famous Characters That Are Secretly Ripoffs

It's become commonplace nowadays for the unwashed masses to scream at Hollywood about regurgitating the same concepts over and over again. But this is nothing new.