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7 Random Things You Won't Believe Are Shortening Your Life

Apparently, real longevity indicators are things you probably wouldn't guess in a hundred years (even if you managed to live that long).


5 Seemingly Random Factors That Control Your Memory

Our old friend science has tracked down some of the completely random things that decide whether or not your memory will choose to function at a particular moment. Thanks, science.


5 Species You Won't Believe Are Related

Imagine you're an animal, attending your evolutionary family reunion. You might be surprised to find out how remarkably similar it is to your last family reunion: You spend the day trying to avoid 'that guy' that no one wants to admit you're related to, while the rest of your relatives randomly eat each other. This article is for the 'that guys.'


The 8 Most Mind Blowing Disguises in Nature

Let's face it, we all hate nature to varying degrees and for our own reasons. But surely nothing inspires loathing of the animal kingdom like the fact that its creatures are constantly trying to trick us.


5 Terrifying Serial Killers Who Happened to Be Animals

he most dangerous animal on earth is man -- nothing you read in this article will change that. Animals kill for food and territory, and out of fear, but it takes a man to kill repeatedly, just for the fun of it ... usually ...


5 Ways to Beat Old-School Games Using Math

We wondered if there were ways to use math to completely ruin all innocent games from our childhood. Guess what? There are!


6 New Age Cures That Aren't As Full Of Crap As You Think

It's no shock to find out that remedies involving magic and ghosts don't really make your pain go away. It would be more of a surprise to learn that they do. Well ... surprise! (Sort of.)


The 5 Most Spectacular Landscapes on Earth (That Murder You)

Mother Nature is an evil bitch that wants us dead.


5 Mind-Blowing Things Found in Our Own Solar System

Space is full of mysteries, and you don't have to go far to find them. It's easy to forget that, after mankind went to the moon and found out it was just a boring, dusty ghost town.


7 Scientific Reasons You'll Turn Out Just Like Your Parents

Science has some bad news for you: The behaviors of the elderly that you write off as old-person lameness, and your behavior that the elderly credit to dickish rebellion, are all based in biology. And no, you can't stop it.


8 Lies It's Surprisingly Easy to Tell as a Health Reporter

Everyone knows sausages are awesome. Not everyone knows newspapers can kill you.


6 Insect Predators That Go Out of Their Way to Be Evil

You might think of insects as gross or scary, but you probably don't think of them as evil. But, upon closer inspection, we actually think they are.


6 Terrifying New Creatures Science Just Discovered

While we at Cracked like to regularly terrify our readers with tales of all the frightening creatures we share the planet with, we should always keep one thing in mind: Nature is always finding ways to top itself.


The 7 Most Mind-Blowing Places Science Has Discovered Life

There are places even more toxic to joy and life than the YouTube comment section (and the commenters who manage to reproduce there). These life-forms put every human who has ever claimed to be 'extreme' to shame. After all, they manage to survive ...


7 Deadly Things You Won't Believe Most People Survive

Sometimes the things that seem deadliest aren't so much deadly as they are inconvenient.