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Remember that for every guy in a lab coat torturing red pandas, there are plenty of hilariously lighthearted experiments.


5 Awful Truths About Surviving Flesh-Eating Bacteria

We sat down with a woman whose father contracted Fournier's Gangrene, an aggressive brand of flesh-eating bacteria famed for attacking its victims crotch-first.


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Why Everything You Know About Sleep Is A Lie

It's possible to murder someone while you're asleep SO WATCH THIS VIDEO OR YOU WILL LEARN NOTHING AND KILL AGAIN.


4 Ways Plasma Technology Will Change The World

We've already seen some amazing plasma technologies, but the thing about the future is that there's always more of it.


I Diagnose Your Diseases: 7 Horrifying Realities

I'm a microbiology technologist. Every day I look at a series of disgusting samples of bodily waste and diseased flesh to figure out why a patient is sick.