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Our first contact with aliens is going to be stranger than we were lead to believe.


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I Weigh Over 500 Lbs: 5 Surprising Realities Of My Life

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6 Reasons Bananas Are On The Brink Of Extinction

Thanks to a fungus that's slowly been spreading around the world's banana crops, America's most popular fruit is heading for extinction.


6 Species That Make Humanity Look Primitive By Comparison

There are animal species out there that both make humans look like hot garbage and that know that we look like said garbage.


6 Things Only A Sewage Treatment Plant Knows About Your Town

Well, at least the good news is we don't have to give up toilet paper.


I'm In History Books And I'm Only 28: 5 Weird Realities

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5 Bizarre Ways To Get Drunk That Shouldn't Work (But Do)

Hey, you could be drunk RIGHT NOW and not even know it.


You Might Have One & Not Know It: 6 Realities Of Aneurysms

An aneurysm occurs when one of your brain vessels becomes engorged with blood, like a mind-erection. Only you definitely don't want this kind of boner.


The 5 Dumbest Space Travel Conspiracy Theories (Are True)

It's clear that the United States was anticipating a future full of space battles and daring snatch-and-grab operations.


6 Animals Who Live Inside A Horror Movie Every Day

When we die, we'll probably have to pay the celestial piper and burn off all the bad karma by coming back as a lowly beast. And if we're really awful, we'll come back as one of these.


6 Insane Things About Space Travel That Movies Got Right

When Hollywood sets out to write up a good old-fashioned space adventure, it often just rips real scenes from the pages of history -- it really is hard to top them.


5 Facial Features That Rat Out Everything About You

[Disclaimer: Do not start putting garbage bags on your head]