20 Unanswered Movie And Show Questions (That Ruin Them)

Questions are important.
20 Unanswered Movie And Show Questions (That Ruin Them)

You're sitting down and watching a movie in the theater. Surprise, surprise, it's good! You enjoyed yourself and you didn't feel like you had two hours of your life taken from you. You feel so good, you even do a victory lap over to the concession counter again for some post-film popcorn to celebrate on the drive home. You're back in your car, enjoying your popcorn, trying not to get the steering wheel covered in butter as you make your trek home, reflecting on the movie you just saw, allowing the experience to fully digest. Then it hits you. The question.

This question pops into your critically thinking head and then you ponder the answer. Then you realize the movie didn't answer this question. Now all of a sudden, this fun movie you saw was ruined because of this one particular unanswered question or plot hole.

Here are some of those questions that will ruin your favorite movies.

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