There's a widespread assumption, often spread erroneously, that if you want to get something good, you have to pony up and pay for the more-expensive version. But as it turns out, surprisingly often that's terrible advice, because the cheap knockoff is just as good, if not better.

Budget-conscious shoppers tend to lean toward the best bargains they can find, and though cheaper may not always be better it often is. Many budget-conscious buyers naturally tend toward the cheapest items and it turns out that this strategy really might make sense. 

So many high-priced objects are now becoming outdated due to how quickly technology is advancing. Remember when expensive cable packages were a thing? We were shocked to learn what common liquid nearly outperforms all expensive floor cleaning solutions.

And this isn't just our opinion. These are cases where the expensive version is no better than the cheap one, according to authorities and science.

Entry by Andrea Meno

Top-tier dishwashers clean as well as most mid-range ones. The difference? Premium looks and more bells and whistles, most of which you probably don

Entry by Amyan Bridi

Apple AirPods are no better than their knockoffs, minus a few minor features. While AirPods cost $159, the knockoffs will only run you around $39.99,

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