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Disneyland opened during the Cold War and provided America with some much needed ... disappointment, torture, and stress?


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Sometimes wars are started by nothing much at all. Just a little lie, and then terribleness ensues.


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5 WTF Facts You Didn't Know About WWI

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5 Realities Of Being A Mixed-Race Child When That's Illegal

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6 Horrifying Ways They Used To Treat Basic Medical Issues

Have a hemmorrhoid? Better put a burning poker on it.


6 Myths About The US Constitution Too Many People Believe

The vast majority of people haven't the slightest clue what the OG law of the land actually defines.


7 Celebrities Who Everyone Forgets Did Horrifying Things

Allowing your first daughter to be raised on welfare and a waitress income while you're swimming in money is a dick move, Apple Man.


The 6 Greatest Moments In Wartime Smack Talk

If only we could be like these people. If we were to suddenly find ourselves in the middle of an honest-to-God firefight, the only sick burns we'd be composing would be the ones in our underpants.


5 Bizarre Ways Our Ancestors Solved Major Crimes

Despite believing in witches, it turns out that the colonial American judicial system was pretty intricate.


6 Modern-Day Tech Advances (That Your Grandparents Had)

In 1965, inspired by the unique and controversial opinion that cigarettes were terrible, Herbert A. Gilbert set out to create a logical solution: the electronic cigarette.


8 Famous Political Scandals You Won't Believe Are Total Lies

It's amazing how one scream out of context can tank an entire campaign, even when you're a frontrunner.


Mormons Run Everything: 5 Things You Learn Working In Vegas

If you've had a blast in Las Vegas recently, rule number one is what happened there stays there. Rule number two is you thank a mormon.